The Winter Solstice

Channeled December 20, 2021 7:22 am

The days are shorter and the nights longer. A time to slow down and reflect, to plan and prepare. These words from Spirit Family are timely.

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Good Morning – We are Spirit Family and are with you on this joyful Monday morning. Each day is greeted with joy and love. Do not carry energy over from the previous day for that day is in the past and cannot be changed. Bring joy and expectations in the new morning. Create a perspective of anticipation – not one of failure. Each day offers the opportunity to start over – an exciting perspective! An opportunity, a challenge. Meet it with positivity and love for this is a gift for you.

People ask “What is my mission in this life?” This question has no answer because the answer constantly changes. New experiences will direct you to new places and your mission will change. The most important thing to remember is that living and experiencing all life has to offer is the mission.

Your purpose for living is within you. We cannot tell you what your purpose is – part of the “finding out” is why you are here. If one was born with this already decided, then there would be no exploration, no learning. It would be like being born with a job, a future mapped out that would eliminate the need for learning and growth. Your mission and purpose are really to learn, grow and love – to encourage others to do the same and to take what comes as an opportunity for growth. All events in life are purposeful – even the stressful, difficult ones. Trust your wisdom and intuition. Choosing right action will not fail you. It may not be the “easiest” route, but it will be the most meaningful.

The Winter Solstice is upon you. This is the perfect time to reflect on you life path and direction. If there are areas of your life that seem dark, like they no longer serve you, this is the place to make change and bring light. Do not make a list of “Things to Do” for you will certainly become overwhelmed. Start with one thing. Write it down. Examine your fears and limitations. Write them down then start eliminating them. The fear of change can be debilitating but by simply acknowledging the need for change is step one.

Try this. We are here to help and support you in this endeavor. We are Spirit Family and are here in Great Love and Light to help you on this amazing journey of your life.

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