“Discernment of Responsibility”

Channeled on November 14, 2021 5:17am

I received this download a few days ago. When I woke up I thought about whether or not I should even get up. After much deliberation I got out of my warm bed and received this message.

Photo by Kulbir on Pexels.com

Good morning. We are Spirit Family and are here with you for the third time this week. We know you said you didn’t’ feel you “had anything” but we will always have a message for you and others.

Today let us speak on responsibility. Part of the Soul’s journey is discernment of responsibility. It’s difficult to feel disconnected from others when one feels responsible for them At some point in one’s life it is required that you become responsible for yourself – your own happiness, your own goals and aspirations.

We do not mean the responsibility one has for children, pets and those who rely on you for their ability to survive. We speak about your responsibility in relationships and breaking free of those who would use you to avoid making their own life choices and decisions.

The first step is to look at the issue/relationship and ask “Is this my energy or not?” You will know that simply by asking the question the answer is already there. The next step is to extricate one’s self from the situation. This can be more difficult, as the other person will want to keep you hooked into their cycle. Just saying no, or not being available is the simplest way. Their reaction will be very telling. This is the point where you may need to decide if the relationship is worth keeping. If there is no positive for you, if you are merely a tool in their kit of life, get out.

Of course, this is more difficult with family members, but it can be done. It’s like teaching your children how to put themselves to sleep, get dressed or ride a bike. The “You can do this” attitude is very important. They may kick and scream (emotionally and sometimes literally!) but ultimately, you are in control of you and your reaction. Go back to our constant reminder to be neutral. This will be very helpful to you.

Take an assessment of those around you. As people go through life they tend to collect a cast of characters – some for the long haul and others that outlive the relationship but continue to hang on. You know who they are. Start with the people who don’t make you feel good. Those that use words that hurt you and make you feel insignificant. Trust us. They do not have your well-being and growth in mind. You are there to make their lives easier. Step back. Be less available and se what happens. You may miss the interaction but you will feel better.

In infinite love and compassion, we are Spirit Family and we are always there to guide and support you.

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