Change is Happening

November 13,2021 5:05am

Spirit Family is on a roll – and I’m going to do my best to be more open to their desire to channel.

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Good Morning. We are Spirit Family and are here with you on this early, dark morning. We speak to you at this time of day because you aren’t distracted with your everyday things. Your mind is clearer and you are more able to hear our message for you and mankind

The world is in a state of of flux. A great change is happening and there those who will do anything to stop change and remain in power and control. They fear there will not be enough – that their needs will not be met in the excess they are accustomed to. That is the point. The Universe does not want energy to be skewed in one direction. It isn’t the right path to control all out of selfishness and fear.

These low-level energies and habit patterns do not allow one to improve and move forward. All are on the same path of learning. Your souls require this growth. Hoarding energy , resource and opportunity does not promote growth and expansion. In the end, those that try to control everything will control nothing.

Do not be concerned with what is presented to you in the media. Turn it off and follow a path of love and growth. Do not allow yourself to be a consumer of hate and fear. What you are seeing is the death of a way of life that is no longer appropriate to the progress mankind is making. Do not allow yourself to be seduced by the “we are right, they are wrong” mentality. It is never that simplistic and allowing that thought pattern will not help you.

Choose neutrality. This is very difficult to do but it is the best way to clear out the noise and influence of right/wrong thinking. Do what is best for all. Ask yourself “Is poverty, hunger and illness good and right?” Of course not. Do not blame those that suffer for their situation. Do not say “If they had only gotten a better education, job, moved to a better pace, stopped being who they are…” It is not your place to place judgement. That energy stops you from being loving and kind. Love for all is the correct energy. Remember though, humans tend to maneuver through life fulfilling needs, insuring their survival before others. That is the natural thought process. Once you begin to help others you will take a huge step in the right direction.

Start with your personal relationships. We are often most critical of those closest to us. When those hurtful thought patterns present themselves, be direct and say “Stop! These thoughts no longer serve me.” Replace them with loving thoughts – even if you are not able to verbalize to the other person. Remove the need to judge. Instead, wish the other person well, send them love from your heart chakra and be kind.

This change in thinking is very difficult, but once you acknowledge the thought patterns you will become more aware when they present themselves. Try this today. Stop the reflexive action to be angry at the slow driver. Recognize your frustration when family members do something that is annoying. Don’t make a scene at something you’ve told the kids “a thousand times” not to do.

Changing your thought patterns will change your outlook and your ability to learn and grow. It’s the first step for many, but a very important one.

In unconditional love, we are Spirit Family. We are here to support and guide you on your soul’s path.

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