Getting Rid of Clutter!

November 8, 2021 4:37am

This morning Spirit Family wouldn’t let me avoid them. The download was very specific – and a message I definitely needed to receive. Time to get rid of the stuff that stops me from doing my work!

Photo by Wendelin Jacober on

Good Morning – We are Spirit Family and are here with you on this beautiful Fall morning. The seasons change again and yet many things remain the same.

People yearn for change – better jobs, better homes, better lives. Part of the challenge is to be grateful for the world you live in – the people, homes the “things” around you. When one is able to see these things with clarity, the it is easier to focus on the areas that actually need improvement. It’s simple to paint walls and buy furniture but is that what’s actually lacking in one’s life?

Simplicity is the best goal. Living in a simple way, meeting your basic needs and being grateful the needs are met is Step One.

Look at your life and decide what needs the most work. Triage that area first Is it clearing out old stagnant energy? – This is easier to understand if one lives in clutter. Clutter – in one’s space or in one’s head stops growth. It may feel safe and comforting on some level, but clutter stops energy flow and change is harder when clutter is around.

Removing symbolic clutter – piles of paper on the counter, extra clothing stuffed in a closet, old things that need to be discarded – will allow the mind to think more freely. When one can think clearly, more change is possible.

Be kind with yourself in this process. These cluttered rooms and thoughts were built to protect yourself, which at one time may have been necessary. Ask yourself if you need that protection or is it old energy that has been kept around and needs to go.

Tackle small things and ideas first. Thinking about our patterns and why we have them is the first step to a more open mind and the ability to move forward. It is safe to acknowledge a long-held belief or habit pattern. Thank it for the protection it provided and then let it go because it is no longer appropriate to/for the person you are becoming.

Your soul requires growth, wants you to move forward and experience life in a way that is free and open to new ideas and experiences. Start small, but start now. Take action and trust that the Universe won’t allow you to fail.

We are Spirit Family and are here to guide and protect you in this process with peace and love.

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