The World Moves Forward

I downloaded this session on May 18th. Sometimes I need to “ruminate” on the information…I question whether or not it’s relevant and if I should post. This morning I read the download again and realized that overthinking isn’t necessary. Spirit Family has an agenda and I need to trust in them!

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Good Morning, We are Spirit Family and are here to guide and teach you this beautiful Spring morning.

The world is awakening and as it does, people are resuming their lives. As often happens, the events that have changed the world are soon forgotten with the resumption of daily life. People are falling back into old habits and patterns and are going back to their old ways.

Why does this happen? Because there is safety in the familiar. It’s “easier” to resume living in a way that is comfortable and familiar. Forgetting the last year of tragedy, fear and suffering makes moving forward easier.

The lesson today is to resist that falling back into what is familiar. Learning, growth and change can be uncomfortable – even scary to some. It is through the difficulties that people learn the most. There are many challenges ahead. This is the joy of living. Meet the future with excitement, not dread and fear. Expect disruption for it opens your eyes to the possibilities that are available to you.

Strive to be a better person. Be less judgmental and critical. Allow others to have experiences without commenting or influencing them. Do not label things good or bad. Acknowledge experiences for what they are – true opportunities for growth.

Remove “I’m so stressed” from your vocabulary. This self-talk colors your perspective and limits your growth. Instead, look at your body’s response and recognize that the stress you feel, the anxiety inside you is your resistance to growth and change.

Work to clear these feelings and emotions. Meditate. Ask your guides to help you see clearly. Resist asking others for advice and acceptance. Look within to see why you are resisting the changes and opportunities in front of you. Being unsure of correct action is natural. It can be scary, but remember, even making the wrong choice will teach you. As yourself, “What is the right action to take?” and listen for the response. It may not be what your rational mind thinks is correct, but in your heart you will know what to do.

Your guides and the Universe are helping you to learn and grow. You will be safe. Uncomfortable maybe, but safe. Try to live your life without hurting or causing pain to others. Be kind. Be loving. These are the motivations that are right action. If you are doing something that deliberately creates pain and suffering for another person, STOP and look at your motivation. Allow others to live they way you want to live – without judgement. Be a good person in the world.

We are Spirit Family and are here in unconditional love and acceptance to help you move forward on your path.

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