It’s a slow time…

I’ve taken a break from posting…using this time to work on my own “stuff,” but Spirit Family wanted me to share this message..

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Good morning, we are Spirit Family and are here with you on this early Spring day. Our message is Universal, and always in love and truth. It may not appear to have connection at this time,, but put it away and refer back later.. All will become clear to you then.

Many, many people are struggling right nw. In different ways – financial, emotional and spiritual. It is a slow time for growth and it has been a long time since the world seemed normal. It will be a bit longer – do not allow impatience to block all the progress that has been made to this point. Settle down, stay focused and realize that the pandemic and all the fallout has a purpose. This tragedy of loss of loved ones can never be accepted. Know that those who have passed are in a good place. They are all around you and do not harbor any resentment or anger. They only send you love and support.

At this time it seems hard to make forward progress. Plans have been delayed and postponed. This is also part of the “plan” for you. This is a time to refocus – to decide how your life will be different. Use the next few months to make changes in your direction and your goals, so that when the opening comes, you will be ready.

Life will go forward – just not the “way it was” because that was not a good life for many. You have the option here to be a better person on so many levels. Use this time to prepare.

We are Spirit Family and are here in infinite love and compassion. We, and your guides, are here to keep you on your path providing options and experiences along the way. Be kind. Be loving. Be accepting.

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