New Year’s Greeting

This channeling session took place on New Year’s Day. For some reason I didn’t want to post that day, so I waited until it felt right.

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Good Day and Happy New Year!

We are Spirit Family and are here in infinite love and compassion on this new day in this new year.

New Year’s Day is traditionally a day of new beginnings. People make resolutions – how they want to change themselves. Change is good – it’s the expectation that by merely wanting a change it will come is the issue. The desire for change – living a better life, being a better person, hoping for a better world, these are all good aspirations. Sadly, they are often broad goals and are often abandoned early in the application of energy toward the goal.

It is good to want to improve. The method is easy. Stop the old way of thinking, the old habit patterns. These are what hold you back. We have repeated this message many times. Set goals and then look to make tiny changes to attain the goals. Take the small steps to get to the big goal.

Keep your goal private, at least initially. Fear of failing, of having to admit failure is not a motivator. Instead, praise yourself for the one minute, one hour, one day you have accomplished steps toward your goal. Be proud of yourself, first for setting the goal and praise yourself each step of the way. Sharing the goal and process will become a reward down the road.

Do not compare yourself to others. Everyone is different and each person has different goals and aspirations. Trying to be like someone else will stop you from becoming who you are meant to be. Be inspired by others but do not measure yourself against their accomplishments.

Most importantly, have fun with the process. Laugh at mistakes as they are there to keep you focused and on track. Notice when you have “failed” for it isn’t failure, it’s actually redirection. Enjoy the process – this is your life – not a self-improvement course. Expect setbacks. They will redirect and keep you moving forward.

This is a new year – full of expectations and hope. Move on from the past, learn from the past, but leave it in the past. These old experiences brought you to this point and they are a part of who you have become. Take a deep breath, look ahead and move into the new year with all the hopes, desires and expectations that will bring you forward on your soul’s journey.

We are Spirit Family and we are here to guide you in this wonderful life ahead. Go forward knowing you cannot fail, that you have the infinite love of the Universe behind you

In love and joy – we are excited to be with you and are always here to guide, teach and love you.

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