Moving forward.

Yesterday I found an unfinished project. I’ve always said I have “completion issues” and this project is a perfect example. In 1994 I began work on a ceramic Nativity set. I cleaned the greenware, had the pieces fired and began painting. Twenty-six years have passed and now it’s time to finish!

Working on the set gave me time to think. The quiet focus allowed memories of my Dad to surface. Conversations, feelings and a profound sense of loss. I believe all this was a “gift” from Spirit Family, as they woke me at 4:30 with the following message.

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Good Morning! We are Spirit Family and are here in infinite love to guide you on this winter morning.

The Earth is slowing down. The seasons change, bringing shorter days and longer nights. This is a time to reflect and learn from what has happened over the past year. This is a time to celebrate love for each other. The holiday season is one of joy and love – a time to be with family and loved ones, but also a time when those who have passed are missed even more.

Those on the other side are not gone. They are around you and seek to guide you in this life. at this time of year the veil is thin and this makes it easier for them to reach out to you.

Often, there is unresolved conflict with those on the other side. It is human nature to believe the conflict cannot be resolved because the other person is no longer in the physical plane. This is not true.

To move forward, first confront the issue – not with anger or regret, but with neutrality. Ask yourself, “How would this be resolved? Through conversation, action?” Then have the conversation with that person for the last time. Be very direct and say the things you want to say, but the intent that this is the final time you will expend energy on this issue.

Feelings of regret, of unfinished business only serve to hold you back from growth. If you constantly look at the situation with “…if only…” or “I should/could/would have done/said/reacted” in a certain way, you will be stuck in a circular thinking pattern that only sucks your energy and adds nothing positive to your life.

Even after you “resolve,” the memory of the issue or event will return. It will have less and less power over you and eventually, you will fee less hooked in to the past – and feeling angry, hurt or sad. Remember, these low-level energies do not allow for growth. They hold you back from experiencing your true path.

For today, look to resolving what holds you back. You will fee lighter, happier and more loving – especially toward yourself. Forgive and move forward, but remember – you are alive. You are here and have a path to walk. Do not be afraid of the work. It is a gift to give yourself. The gift of joy and peace. You can do this.

We are Spirit Family and are here in infinite love and compassion. We are here to help you on your journey. Peace of mind is a very important place to start. Love all. Be kind and compassionate to yourself first – then you will have exponentially more love for others. ❤

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