Forgiveness and Moving Forward

I’ve been thinking a lot about the messages from Spirit Family. The most important message is always one of love. Spirit Family has been working with me for a year now. Every single time we channel they greet me with a loving message and end with a reminder that they are here “in love and compassion.” I have written those words many times over the last year and yet a small voice always tells me that I’m not worthy of their love and compassion. I know it isn’t true, but conditioning and negative self-talk is somehow still believable. I continue on the path forward and believe that I’m closer to the person I am meant to be. I’m hopeful the messages from Spirit Family are helpful – I’m not giving up! I received this message at 4:30 this morning – sometimes it takes me a while to process the download. I’m hoping you find something here to help you on your journey.

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Good Day! We are Spirit Family and are here on the Eve of Thanksgiving to guide and be of service to you.

Tomorrow many will celebrate Thanksgiving. This is usually a time to gather with friends and family to celebrate and honor the love and gratitude you feel towards each other. This is an important part of your lesson today – gratitude towards those closest to you.

Often, it is easy to take advantage of those closest to you. Familiarity makes it easy to not say those important word like “I love you.” It’s almost easier for people to say that to others – almost strangers, really There is a fear of rejection – of not hearing the words returned, or worse, knowing the words are hollow – that there is no substance behind them.

Rejection is a weapon people use on those closest to them. It is a very effective weapon, Withholding love, affection and kindness is more hurtful than saying mean words. It’s passive and clearly understood by both parties.

Your lesson today is to stop withholding love and compassion – saving it only for those that are worthy and deserving. Resist the fear the love won’t be returned to you. It may take time for the other person to return the loving sentiment, but remember, they too are fearful.

People are learning that all are deserving of love and compassion. Love is so much more powerful than any other act or feeling. Love really can cure the world. This is a time of great transformation. Some people are needing to transform their closest relationships, to move on from past hurt and anger. Remember, these are low level energies and keep one from moving forward.

Conflict and old hurts are one of the things that prevent you from moving forward. If you are unable to resolve an issue with someone, do your best to forgive them. It doesn’t mean you will forget, but you will be able to move forward. Bring a neutral energy to that situation. Observe and then take away the hurtful, angry feelings and bring neutrality to them. Accept your role in the situation and forgive yourself. Only then will you be able to be neutral. Once you accomplish this, you can move forward.

In this week of Thanksgiving be grateful for the moment you are here. Find joy in living, even in these difficult times. Do something to be of service to others and forgive yourself for those times when you were unable to act with right action. The world is transforming. Old habit patterns will no longer serve people. It is time to honestly and clearly look at those areas in your life that are no longer appropriate and fitting to the new way of life that is unfolding.

Love is the only answer. The only path forward. Your Spirit Guides love you unconditionally. Surround yourself with this loving energy and share it with others.

We are Spirit Family and are here in infinite love and compassion to be of service to you.

One thought on “Forgiveness and Moving Forward

  1. I am hearing the same from my Guides! Love is all, is everything. Forgiving yourself and others is the way of Love. It is hard to feel worthy, I agree, but it is worth the effort to break free of this cultural programming. Keep up the communication!


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