Resolve conflict today.

When our daughter was very young she would bottle up emotions until meltdown point. Sometimes we would have to say “Do you need to cry?” and that would open the floodgates. She needed us to support her and let her know it was okay to express the anger and frustration she was feeling.

The message from Spirit Family today triggered this memory. It’s okay to be angry, to be afraid of what is ahead of us. Change is always hard, but know that we will make it through the transition and everyone’s lives will improve!

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Good Day! We are Spirit Family and are here today in infinite love to guide and help you on the journey that is this lifetime.

You will have many lifetimes along the soul path. The purpose is to learn and grow and further your learning and experience. This lifetime is one of transition, of changing ideas and perceptions so that you become more accepting and understanding of those with differences.

There are many struggles along the path. First is learning to acknowledge the fact that not all people are the same. This happens early in your lifetime with self-awareness and the awareness of others. Children are very centric – their universe is small and they are the center of it. Conflict arises when they have the realization that the world does not revolve around them.

This is being played out now around the Earth. People – adults – are in the position of having to acknowledge that their selfish, self-centered way of thinking is not appropriate. Thus, the “temper tantrums” you see around the world.

Angry protests, guns, flags, these are all symbols of people who are afraid to move forward. “What happens if I lose?” “What will happen to me if ‘those people’ are in control?” “I don’t want change. I am afraid.” These are the base level feelings and fears that many people are experiencing. They are not able to comprehend a world where all are fed, housed, employed and live a safe life. “If this happens, everything I have will be taken away.”

No. This is not true. There is more than enough for all. Do not hoard love and compassion and dole it out only to those who are “deserving.” When one quantifies love, then they are limiting the experience and joy that is open to them. Love is for all – not only those who are deserving.

Think of the child who is having a tantrum – out of control and so upset that nothing seems to help. The only to resolve a tantrum is through a loving response – by holding, soothing and reassuring.

That is exactly what is needed now. People must feel safe, that the change coming is good for all, not just a chosen few.

As you go through your day today, observe those that are fearful and hurting. Offer kindness and understanding, not ridicule and shame. It is the way forward. You will feel better, your energy will change and you will be putting positivity and love into the world. This is the way of the enlightened. You are on the journey. Enjoy and love the process.

We are Spirit Family. Here in infinite love and compassion to guide you.

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