Two Steps Forward…

This was a fast channeling session. It’s rare that I have additional information after the session is over, however today was an exception. Upon reading the session, Spirit Family wanted me to add the following information:

The expression “Two steps forward, one step back” is meaningless. The idea that you will negate forward progress by making a mistake, or redirecting is not true. Your forward progress can’t be derailed, only paused. You will never lose what has been attained. Be kind with yourself when you make “mistakes” for there is no such thing. All learning and growth is a forward process. There are no setbacks.

Good New Year’s Eve Day – Another year has come and been experienced on many levels. This is the time to reflect and take stock of actions and inactions. Perhaps you feel lacking, like not enough has been accomplished over the year. Remember, we deal with time from the perspective of millennia – not days. Your tiny moves forward are part of a much larger perspective. So thoughts, even seemingly insignificant, can have a huge impact when perceived in this way.

Do not look back on the year with regret. It accomplishes nothing. The negative view will work to prevent you from making forward progress. Even a tiny move forward will not be lost from inaction or looking back. It is not steps forward or backward. It’s not math. Only positive thoughts and movement are counted towards progress. Delays and inaction do not take away from forward movement.

The message is the same. Change one small aspect of your life and you will experience exponential growth and joy. The goal is always to move forward. It is the tendency of humans to say “but what about the time I did/said this…” It matters not. By acknowledging the perceived setbacks, one negates the energy and can then move forward. These experiences are all important. You will move to a point where you will be able to understand this concept.

You will recognize some actions and opportunities as inefficient – of movement and energy that will not promote growth. Once this happens you will choose action that is more on line with your soul’s path and in line with your journey.

Avoid the tendency to judge yourself for “wrong action.” Do not label thigs good or bad. It limits the possibilities ahead. Instead, look to the future and do not dwell on limiting thoughts. Part of the human experience is dealing with people and life experiences. How you handle them is important, but moving forward and learning from uncomfortable experiences and exchanges is more important.

Time is a construct of mankind. It is meaningless. So do not look at today as the “end” of a year and tomorrow as the “beginning” of a new year. Instead, look at this day as a day to experience and move forward on your life’s path, your soul’s journey. Look forward with joy and love.

We are Spirit Family and are here with you on your journey forward. In Unconditional Love and Acceptance we send you peace and love on this day.

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