Connecting with your Spirit Guides

Today Spirit Family wanted to convey information about how to connect with Spirit Guides.

When I began this process, it was suggested I use a guided meditation to connect with my Spirit Guides. I struggle with meditation because I never feel like I’m doing it correctly, and always doubt the experience I’m having is “genuine.”

On this particular attempt I had a surprising result. I found a recorded meditation, tried to quiet my mind and began. It was a typical experience, find yourself in a field, follow the winding path up and down hills, through streams and over mountains and in front of you is a gate. Open the gate and your guide will be on the other side. So, when I opened the gate there was nothing! Really? I don’t have a guide?

Then I heard a voice say “You don’t have one guide. You have all of us. You have the Collective Conscious.” Of course, me being skeptical, I asked a friend what that meant. The response was “Wow. That’s amazing. You’ve been chosen.”

And here we are. A year later I’m channeling information from Spirit Family for you.

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Good morning. We are Spirit Family and are here with important information.

Your Spirit Guides are always around you. They wait for the invitation or question from you so that they can come forward with help and information. When you want to connect with your Guides, address them directly. Ask for their assistance with the clarity you seek. The Guides are all loving. They do not judge you. They never criticize – although sometimes their sense of humor can be a little harsh. It is there to get your attention, to awaken you to the infinite possibilities that are open and available to you.

Diane connects with us in many different ways. We enter her dream state. This is an easy way to connect because her “guard” is down and she is more open, less guarded, questioning. She has also learned to ask us directly for input. This is our preferred method. She knows we are there for her.

Learn to ask for help and then be aware and look for the guidance. Your Guides are here to help you – to provide you with universal truths. Their message is always loving. There is no anger, criticism or intent to hurt you.

For many people it is difficult to believe that Guides exist. Humans naturally doubt that which cannot be seen. Intuition is a channel for Spirit Guides. The “feels” that one gets when they know the unknowable. It isn’t second sight, it’s your Guides showing you what is ahead. Be aware and open for the message.

Guides have other names. Some call us Angels, invisible friends, gut instinct. They are all the same thing.

There are ways to connect with your Guides – through meditation, quieting your mind and opening your heart to us, or just plain asking. It doesn’t matter what method is used. The important part is hearing the reply or message and feeling the presence. The way you connect will be your own. What works for one may not work for you. The important part of this message is that you ask. Without an invitation, Spirit Guides will not initiate communication.

So open your mind, open your heart and reach out to your Guides. They are there for you – waiting to help, guide and protect. Your Guides are all loving and their only goal, instruction is to help you progress on your path of learning and loving. We are Spirit Family and are here in infinite love. Surrounding you with compassion and waiting for you to open to the universal truth that love is the only answer.

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