Eight Days

I am so confused these days. I don’t understand what motivates people, triggers them. I have always believed in the inherent good that exists in people, and that ultimately that good will win over more base, low-level energies. I am worried that the world is on a precipice and the only way to stabilize things is an abrupt change in perception. If we are to survive we must be honest and truthful in how we have arrived at this place. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I am willing to look for them.

Spirit Family woke me at 4:30 this morning with a message for all of us. I am hopeful that their words may be enlightening.


Photo by Jens Johnsson on Pexels.com

Good day. We are Spirit Family and are here in infinite love to guide you today.

There are eight days remaining for you to make an important choice. This seems simple for many people, but others are conflicted. The conflict comes from not acknowledging the truths you know.

Many times, doing the right thing, following the correct path, means one needs to accept their actions in the past were in error.

The past is important because by looking back, it allows one to learn and grow. Choices cannot be undone or redirected. The choice one makes puts them on a path of learning. Learning and growing is always the goal. Conflict comes from not having the ego strength to be able to acknowledge paths chosen may have led to lessons learned that are embarrassing on some level

Humans have difficulty accepting responsibility and acknowledging when they have not acted with right action – with love and compassion. The low-level energy that motivates some is safe and comfortable. It is steady. Fear of the unknown is more conflicting than staying safe, but safe decisions usually lead in a circular path.

Moving forward, accepting outcomes and learning from choices is the path one needs to take.

Most of the conflict now is from fear of what is to come. There is uncertainty in accepting the knowledge that all people are deserving of love and compassion. That all people need to live in safety. In order for humans to move forward, there must ne an acceptance of this basic idea: All people are deserving of these things.

The lessons are universal. accept all, love all, help all. There cannot be a higher or lower level of who is worthy of love and compassion. This is your lesson.

The struggle of conscience isn’t necessary. Raise the vibrational level – hate, disease, sadness, sorrow cannot survive at a high vibrational level. Love, joy, laughter – these are the ways to move forward.

We are Spirit Family…love others as we love you – unconditionally. Accept everyone and do not judge. All will be well. Trust in us.

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