The Future and Change

Another sleepless night. I worry about the future, the unknown. I revisit the past and wish I had handled aspects of my life differently. Time to accept, forgive and move forward. Change is coming.

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Good day – We are Spirit Family and are ready for you with an important message this morning.

These days people are so worried and concerned for the future. We have already told you that what comes in the future is a direct response to actions and energy put out in the past. You are not at the mercy of some unknown force or fate. The world you experience now is the world you have created for yourself

People are not at the mercy of some unseen force. You have all the control here, especially if what you are experiencing now isn’t what you want. Change is available, possible. If you aren’t happy with your life it is up to you to take necessary action to make the change needed. Find what is lacking in your life…love, security, good relationships with others?

If one is honest, it’s possible to see how their actions in the past contributed to the current experience.

How then to create change? Old habit patterns that are no longer appropriate to who you are now must be the first to go. This is difficult for some – but not impossible. Your guides are here to help you. Ask for their help, but do not wait for them to perform a “miracle” and change your life. A winning lottery ticket will not solve financial difficulties if one does not change attitudes toward money and what “financial security” looks and feels like.

To make positive change ask yourself for forgiveness. Forgive yourself for past actions that have led you to this place. It can make a huge difference. Forgive yourself for being human – making mistakes are forgivable when you honestly acknowledge them. Many times they are irreversible, but accepting responsibility is the first step to moving forward. Do not blame others for your situation. It will not help you move forward. Instead, forgive yourself and let those past actions go. You will not forget them, but you can stop torturing yourself.

Decide to stop repeating old patterns of behavior. It’s easy and safe to return to familiar patterns, but they keep you in the same place. This is difficult to do but will make a huge difference in you life. Assess those behavior patterns that are no longer appropriate in you life. Be honest and make a list. This may be difficult, but will be extremely helpful as you do the work.

Those close to you may not understand, they expect certain responses from you. They are comfortable with them and may try to stop you from growth and change. Expect to struggle when you change, but the difference will make you feel so much better.

That is all for today. As for forgiveness, change old habits, look in your life for the areas that no longer serve you and let them go. Most importantly, ask for help from your Spirit Guides. They are there to help you become the person you are meant to be. You have a purpose in this life – peel away the old so that you can breathe freely and find joy in living.

We are here to guide and assist you. In peaceful, loving harmony, we are your Spirit Family.

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