Fear and Anger

The events of the last few days have weighed heavily on my mind. I’m confused, fearful and angry. I’m worried about the future and not sure about “what to do.” These feelings aren’t unique. Spirit Family wants me to share the following message…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Good day. We are Spirit Family and are here to provide support on this day.

You are one month from your election. All things change – change can be terrifying for people. It is the loss of control (or the belief control is being lost) that will make people act out in ways they otherwise would never do.

What you are observing is a fear motivated response. Anger and fear are low-level energies. Do not be motivated and controlled by them. Do not allow fear and anger to drive your responses. Instead, look within to see what the fear and anger are triggering inside you. Is it fear of loss, of change, of the unknown? Is it anger at being taken advantage of or of appearing foolish in the eyes of others? Is it disbelief that you may need to admit the position you have taken in the past is no longer justifiable?

Do not allow these low-level energies to have control over you. Acknowledge them. Feel them and release them.

Ask for guidance from within and for your guides to help you through the time of change.

The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. It allows for paths to be taken in order to learn and grow. Your soul demands these experiences so that you can learn, process and move forward to a more whole existence.

When you feel fearful, ask for help and guidance. It can come in many forms – a song, a bird call, a beautiful sunset, a child’s laugh. These are all ways your guides will show you the correct path. Even reading our message today – your guides brought you to this place. Allow these words to become part of your unconscious.

Breathe. Slow down and allow yourself to experience that which is around you. Take it in and see that the Universe will protect you in frightening times. We are your Spirit Family and we are all loving. Trust in your growth and trust in us.

In love and peaceful existence…we are here for you and are always near you.

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