Love and Compassion

Spirit family woke me up early this morning. I tried to ignore them…4:30 was too early to be awake, but 30 minutes later I knew it was time to get up and write. Sometimes Spirit Family is quite insistent!

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Hello! We are Spirit Family and are here to work with you, guide you, inspire you and inform you.

These days are showing a great deal of confusion in humans. People are frightened, aggressive and unsure of the future that will come anyway – regardless of their actions.

People spend so much energy trying to control that which is uncontrollable. They haven’t learned that the future is a result of current and past actions. How events play out is directly related to how people interact with each other and how they treat themselves.

Compassion and love is key. Criticism, hate and fear only act to limit opportunities. The Christ said “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” It is true. When we hold judgement over another it only acts to limit our own opportunity. No one has everything figured out. No one is more enlightened. Those that judge and criticize are only showing how they feel about themselves.

Stop telling others “You should…” Instead, turn that lens on yourself and ask “How can I…” Your guides will help you to become less judgmental, more loving.

Do not allow anger to stop you from feeling love and compassion toward another. Those you are angry at need the most love and help.

Personalizing another’s actions puts you above them – feeling like they have “done this deliberately” to hurt you and makes you feel more important. This isn’t the case. You have personalized their act and decided it was done to take something away from you, to hurt you, to subjugate you. This is not the case. We have said it many times – Be neutral. Be an observer, not a participant.

These are complicated times for people in your world. Deciding what is no longer acceptable, moving toward a more loving, compassionate world where every person is valued. This change will not come easily because people are fearful of “what they may lose” if everyone is equal. Understand that nothing will be lost and there is so much to gain from becoming loving and compassionate.

Try it. If you feel anger or fear about a situation, replace those responses with this: deliberately say to yourself “Stop. This person is experiencing something that is not my energy. It doesn’t belong to me.” Send them love . Silently, send loving energy from your heart into theirs and watch the change happen before you. Trust us. This is the way out, the way to a new world. One person absolutely makes a difference.

We are Spirit Family and are here with endless love and compassion for you. Our loving energy surrounds all people and is endless. We are here to help. Trust us.

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