Nearing the Fall Equinox

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My stressed response to events of the weekend brought me to seek guidance and input from Spirit Family. Here is their message.

Good Day. We are Spirit Family and are here to guide and engage you. It’s a wonderful day. A new Season is coming. A new beginning, even though plants are becoming dormant. This is the time to reflect and reorganize. To plan for the time to come. Growth is slower now.

Humans are afraid at this time. So many unknowns. The fear can immobalize one, stop one from thinking, making one feel at the mercy of others. Here’s a clue…the others don’t know any more than you do.

Pretending to have answers and power doesn’t make it so. Knowing and believing in truth, in correct living, in positivity of purpose…this is were strength comes from. Even if sad, tragic, awful events seem to come at every turn, the energy continues to move forward to the correct path and good

Strive to be neutral. Do not collapse into despair and worry. Those emotions are base level and serve only to stop forward movement.

Keep the strength and power and pour love energy into the positive. The helpful. The loving. The right path. Keep the focus on moving forward, not looking back to darker, uncertain times.

All will be well – even if it appears to not be happening in a timely fashion. We are here to guide – your own Spirit Guides will show you correct action. Be fearless in the knowing that all will be well.

In steadfast love, we are your Spirit Family.

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