A message for today…

This quote from Dr. Heidi Green resonated with me. I believe most people are conflicted in their relationships – especially the ones that are closest to us.

Spirit Family wants us to know we are all working to learn and grow. Sometimes we may feel held back by people we have relationships with. In actuality, we are learning most from these situations. Try to be as neutral as possible. Release the need for judgement, realize that no one has all the answers. Actions by others can be very hurtful and wounding. The goal is to try to prevent opportunities for others to victimize us, to remove ourselves (if possible) before we become more hurt. Choose to move away from the hurt, but also choose to be kind to yourself and not blame yourself for the injury

Many times young children are not in a position to be able to prevent emotional and physical abuses. It is their karma to have these experiences and use them for growth at a later time. It is our karmic duty is to help others who cannot help themselves. Do not allow the cycles of abuse to continue into new generations.

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