Harvesting Energies

October 1, 2022 8:53am

This message from Spirit Family came fast – the world needs us to change!

Good Morning, We are Spirit Family and are here with you on this beautiful Fall morning. The seasons change and energies are directed within It is a time to harvest not only the fields, but energies to support 0ne during the times to come.

The world feels unsettled on many levels – the weather, the conflicts and the suffering of so many. all are a direct result of the negative, selfish energies of a generation of people. it is now time to redirect those energies to bettering the Earth and the lives of the people in the world.

This is a slow process because people avoid change – especially if the change needed requires one to abandon long-held belief systems that benefit no one. It is now the time to look outward to helping others and love all. Many people have embraced this outlook – which is threatening and challenging to those who are afraid of losing power and control. The momentum that has been building will not slow. The right energy will prevail and needed change will come.

What is your role as an individual? Look at your life with a critical eye. Do not punish yourself for past actions. Look at those times as reasons to move forward and make changes.

Perfection and consistent right action is impossible to attain, but making a choice to do better is always possible. Be kind. Do not judge others. Do not judge yourself. Instead, strive to do better. It will become easier. Change thought patterns – reliving the past is only helpful when assessing those areas of your life that need to change.

The Universe demands this way of living. By changing, you will receive the joy you deserve. B a better person and start by loving yourself.

In peace and love, we are Spirit Family and are always here to support and teach.

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